February 27, 2024

In a long outburst, Fernanda Lima opens her heart and recalls difficult moments in her career: “The press butchered me.”


The presenter talked about the turmoil she suffered after starring in some series

photo: Instagram/Fernanda Lima
photo: Instagram/Fernanda Lima

Fernanda Lima She sparked a long outburst among the followers and tackled various topics related to her career. After leaving Globo, the presenter revealed that she had been subjected to a lot of criticism and that she had had desperate moments that caused her emotional problems.

The celebrity began talking about her work as an actress: “I ended up diving into my past to look for some scenes from the two series I ordered. What was supposed to be a quick and fun search ended up messing with me. This beautiful and difficult trade, but once my involvement in the video game ended In 2005, in the absence of any program to offer, I auditioned for the role of Diana Bullock, in Bang Bang, Globo’s western soap opera “quite on that adventure, perhaps to circumvent my inexperience as an actress.” It was very difficult. All the problems that soap operas faced were credited to me,” he said.

Fernanda She also commented on the inconvenience she was experiencing with everything that had happened at the time: “I was butchered by the press. I suffered, I cried, I worked so hard to give my best when I didn’t have the strength anymore. When it was over, I was chosen to face Another hero, the self-imposed supermodel Maria Po, from Pé na Jaca. Being neither afraid nor willing to hide, I throw myself back in. Still without much experience, even with the enjoyment of light text and sometimes the experience of bullshit. The experience of living for a while Two years in and out of the studios on about 25 scenes a day, I decided to focus once and for all on my main goal of presenting programs on TV Globo,” he said.

The presenter concluded by talking about how she saw herself in the work of an actress and also thanked the support of the people who encouraged her at the time: “I see an inexperienced actress backstage but with a lot of passion and desire to do it. It’s true. But I know that being an actor requires much more than that. I thank those who encouraged and supported me at that time. Today I am sure that this was not my dream, but if it had been, I would probably have given up. Maturity is really good.”