February 25, 2024
In the US, Simon & Simaria embarked on another successful tour

In the US, Simon & Simaria embarked on another successful tour

Both Simon & Simaria There is a lot to celebrate. After all, there is no international need for any artist after many years of life. Sisters released “Menu Bar 2 And toured overseas, performing in Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta, finishing in Bridgeport.

Simon & Simaria. Photo: Instagram

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“We are very pleased to be back in the United States, seeing the smiles and joy of our visitors here. Singing here is, of course, a way to comfort people who are losing their beloved country. ”Said Simaria.

After seven years of registration the classmates reopened the “bar”, which elevated the lives of the two. Recently, they released a song announcing a new project split into two EPs. “Girl“,”Man is all one“And this சின்னமான “Friend“- What Succeeded on social media With very dramatic acting. The full album will be available in July.

Simone and Simaria (Photo: Instagram / @ simoneesimaria)

The project was recorded in an intimate way Villa CountryIn Sao Paulo, in February 2020. Four audiovisual recordings of career Simon & Simaria A guest appearance and a review full of mods, first “Bar Das Colquinhas“.

Thanks to “A Usurpadora” Actress Simone & Simaria

Do not cry my friend! Simon And Simaria In fact, the real box of surprises. Always disrespectful and very talented, both achieved real viral success through the track “Friend”It was, miraculously, inspired by the novel. “Hijacker“. The truth is, this whole story reached the ears of the actress Gabriela SpanishThe protagonist of the story is associated with the sisters.

After learning, the protagonist of the Mexican Telenovela went Twitter talk about the topic. “What? Wow! How beautiful! I’m going to hear this song right now! I send you a big hug. He replied KP Spanish. The sisters shared the message: “We love you! Everyone has that friend, right, Paula?”. The Eternal Hijacker suggested: “You should sing to this ‘friend’: ‘Do not confuse mine!’.

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