June 13, 2024

Internet Explorer will die next summer: NPR

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Microsoft officially pulls the plug on Internet Explorer in June 2022.

Alexander Hosenstein / Getty Images

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Alexander Hosenstein / Getty Images

Microsoft officially pulls the plug on Internet Explorer in June 2022.

Alexander Hosenstein / Getty Images

Internet Explorer is nearing the end of a long and slow death, Microsoft announced this week.

At age 25, the Internet-dominated web browser could not shake its reputation as a slow, non-standard net-surfing option.

Microsoft has been out of production at least since 2015 with the introduction of its successor Microsoft Edge (formerly known as Project Spartan). By mid-June next year, the Internet Explorer desktop application will finally be discontinued.

In the browser death notice, The company said, “The future of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 lies in Microsoft Edge.”

The company claims that Microsoft Edge is fast, highly secure and compatible with early web websites – cured by the absence of its predecessor.

Microsoft 365, the company’s subscription-based application bundle, will bid farewell to the browser this August. Video conferencing platform Microsoft teams already buried Internet Explorer last November.

But in the new browser, the ghost of Internet Explorer still lives on for those who want to believe: Edge offers a built-in Internet Explorer mode.

While this may seem strange to young people whose Internet experiences do not revolve around the blue “e” icon, Explorer was once seen as an unstoppable part of the monopoly.

When Windows Explorer was introduced in 1995, its success killed the once-leading Netscape Navigator. At its peak in the early 2000s, Explorer Controlled 95% Browser Marketplace.

But Microsoft failed to keep pace with competitors, losing respect among users for its poor security, web pages and sluggishness.

Yet Explorer refused to die. Microsoft acknowledged the browser’s bad rap and tried to update its image. In 2012, it launched a playful advertising campaign Renaming Explorer “The browser you wanted to hate.”

In fact, its ugly image has served as a memory feed: a browser is too slow to load its messages To the closet, Or the best browser to download the best one.

In the 2014 “Ask Me Anything” discussion on Reddit, Microsoft engineers who worked on the browser said that the company exists Renaming was discussed Explorer “Separate us from negative comments that do not reflect our product today.”

But it was too late – the damage was done. Frustrated users were already flocking to Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Even in 2015, AdWeek’s Christina Monlos told the NPR Expiration date for complex browser has been delayed.

Google Chrome is now the leading browser, with a 64% market share Browser tracker statcounter, Edge users sit below 4%.

On social media, people familiar with Explorer paid homage to the flawed browser. The Twitter user wrote, “Internet Explorer is incredibly incredible, what a legacy.” Adriana Fikurova. Others were surprised Explorer is still kicking.

Next summer, following the fate of Internet Explorer’s Hotmail and its popular annoying Windows, the Internet’s past nostalgia will be joined by other bad services. Symbol “Clip.”

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