June 14, 2024

Jim Acosta of CNN shouted at the Donald Trump border event

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CNN ‘s Jim Acosta was shouted at by a crowd while reporting on the former president Donald TrumpVisit the border.

On Wednesday, Trump visited the U.S.-Mexico border with the Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott. During the visit, Trump and Abbott openly criticized the president Joe Biden For his approach to immigration policies.

At the end of his speech, Trump interrupted as Acosta asked a loud question about the sound of applause.

Instead of asking about the border, Acosta took the lead in asking Trump about his views on the January 6 capital riots.

“Trump, will you apologize for January 6?” Acosta shouted.

As Trump ignored a CNN reporter’s question, the crowd around Acosta shouted.

The video soon became popular on Twitter as various people responded to the incident.

Cop gets a pushback over CNN’s Acosta claim, he was blocked for the last second time from the Trump Border briefing.

“At the border event with Trump and Abbott, I asked Trump if he was going to apologize on January 6. He did not respond. Mostly a crowd of GOP members and staff shouted,” Acosta later tweeted.

He added that Trump has been talking about the 2020 election for more than six months.

This came after Acosta said the government was blocking access to the Abbott press by turning the roundtable discussion into a “pool” coverage event. This claim was shared by Olivia Beavers of Politico, but later corrected by Jonah Rodriguez of the Republican Governors Association.

“Cove Abbott’s office sent out several press releases last week stating that there may be a pool due to capacity limitations.

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There is Acosta Often triggered With Donald Trump in the past. In 2018, Trump White House first canceled Acosta’s press pass following controversial behavior with White House aide. Then a judge Inverted Prohibition for less than two weeks.

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