June 18, 2024

John Kun says Aaron Rodgers is trying to take fate into his own hands

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NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks

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Former Bakers fullback John Kunn spent nine years as a quarterback. Aaron Rodgers In the Green Bay. He knows Rodgers and those inside the Packers front office well.

In an interview with CBS Sports Radio’s Sock Kelp, Kuhn said he had recently spoken with Rodgers and did not believe the relationship between Rodgers and Packers was irreparable.

I talked to Aaron Rodgers, ”Kun said. “I’m not sure what we’re talking about. I’m going to say he’s contradictory, because this man loves the game of football. This man wants to be a Green Bay baker, this man is really looking for a career. He’s seen friends leaving. He has seen it all played out before his eyes.He has taken notes all his life.He has felt that certain situations are over or he has finished the way they can or should be.He tries to take his own destiny into his own hands.I really appreciate him for that. Many players in the L have not had that opportunity.I’m sure there is no hell.I’m playing until everyone tells me you can no longer play, it’s a humble feeling, Aaron Rodgers to regain that power a little There is a chance to try. ”

Rodgers Packers G.M. Fight with Brian Guttegunst Moves and The direction of the list Under his leadership in recent years. Before Rodgers enters the final year of his contract, it is possible for the Packers to go with a first-round quarterback waiting. Jordan Love As he waits, Rodgers tries to get his status and prominence what he wants. Kun, the host of a fan radio show in Milwaukee at 97.3, believes it has long been an option to play for the Packers and a deal that will ensure a deal moves forward.

“In this situation he has a little bit of foreign exchange here, which I think is going to put the Green Bay Packers in a difficult place,” Kun said. “Finally, at the end of the day, I hope Aaron wants to come back to Green Bay again, but he doesn’t want to do it on a lame-duck contract, even though it’s been three years on his contract and you really look at its terms, considering that Jordan Love is at a bad salary at the end of the 2021 season The Packers consider himself a clean break, so I believe he’s going to be a long-term starting quarterback option for the Green Bay Packers and something that will make him make adjustments with the team and come back this season.

“He plans to play in his 40s, and he has said many times at various outlets that he wants to do it at Green Bay. I do not see that feeling changing from him, and I believe that’s his main goal, and sometimes taking some drastic steps to get to places.”

Despite all the hype surrounding Rodgers before the NFL draft, Kun said he did not think the relationship was irreversible, but it would take some give-and-take to return to the same page.

“Absolutely not. Of course not,” Kun said. “I still believe there is a chance for a resolution here. Now going to take the two men who dug in, they both try to meet somewhere where they are happy. “

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