June 14, 2024

Justin Bieber breaks Michael Jackson’s record on American pop radio

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Justin Bieber breaks Michael Jackson's record on American pop radio

Justin Bieber Is one of the most successful industries in decades. Last week, your most recent single,GhostArrived It tops the list of most listened to pop radio in the United StatesThe third song to reach this milestone from the album “Justice”.

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Justin Bieber. Photo: Twitter promoterbibeberbr

With his new record, he has broken the Canadian star record Michael Jackson And became the male solo artist with the most “Number One” songs on pop radio in the country. Bieber kept 12 songs are at the top of the listKing of Bob came in first 11 times.


Despite the great record, Bieber is behind two of the best pop music divas in the overall rankings. Madonna And Mariah Carey He topped the pop charts on radio stations 15 and 14 times, respectively.

KP Lobes says that Justin Bieber showed this album to Anita

The Coffee LobesActress and friend AnitaSaid on the podcast “This is not TPM“It was broadcast on YouTube that the singer has an incredible friendship with the singer Justin Bieber. During the interview, the businessman further commented that he had witnessed the meeting between the two and confirmed the closeness between the artists.

> Anita exaggerates the drink at Carnival’s “Farofa” and delights the fans

(Photo: YouTube / Chango TV)

>Anita sings a remix of “Envolver” and “No Chao Novinha” on Premio Low Neustro.

During the interview, the singer’s friend said that she was very generous and that she could not tell him half of what was happening to her. When was Coffee Said about the friendship between the karaoke and the Canadian singer. “She has a lot to say. I’m seen a lot she did not say.”he said.

“I saw Justin Bieber So much money for her. She sat down to present the entire album to come, and she was a best friend. It’s not p * taria, it’s friendly: ‘Anita, you are a monster, is my voice cold? Are you checking?”, He said.

In Los Angeles, the actress and presenter said it was easy to do this because of the size. “On our first night we decided to go to a party and ask, ‘Are we going to see Justin?’ We started making fun of that. Baby, we were at the club for ten minutes and she drove that wonderful way, He enters the cabin with securityHe explained.

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