June 25, 2024

Kentucky flood death toll rises to 25

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Kentucky flood death toll rises to 25

Death toll by Kentucky floodsIn the United States, the number has risen to 25, state governor Andy Beshear said this Saturday.

“We have some tough news to share today in Eastern Kentucky, where we are still in the search and rescue phase. Our death toll has risen to 25, and that number is likely to rise,” he said.

Rain in eastern Kentucky late Wednesday turned roads into rivers and forced residents to shelter on their rooftops while waiting for help. Others were trapped or dragged into their cars by rising water levels.

Parts of Kentucky recorded 200 millimeters of rain in 24 hours, and in some places river levels suddenly rose several feet, causing flooding and causing rivers to leave their natural courses.

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In the Jackson area, some roads turned into ditches and abandoned cars were scattered everywhere. In its small forested valleys, muddy water floods the ground and, in some places, is visible only on the roofs of houses and the tops of trees.

Some roads in the Jackson area have turned into streams Photo: Leandro Lozada/AFP/CP

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