April 13, 2024
Kevin Smith criticizes the lack of violence but praises Tom Hardy

Kevin Smith criticizes the lack of violence but praises Tom Hardy

Filmmaker Kevin Smith (Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternity) has tapped into the latest podcast, a longtime fan of Marvel magazines and DC Comics, Fat Man after the live broadcast To analyze the new movie Poison: the time of the massacre. While the director felt the film owed the murder that should accompany the sinister title, he plays it Woody Harrelson, praised the efforts Tom Hardy in the project.

“Time of the massacre? I put a question mark at the end of this. Because, you see, what does ‘Carnage’ convey besides the character? So many deaths. I was surprised by the number of deaths in the movie. To receive the symbiote and the like, so that he could turn his hand into a cleaver. “, Des Smith. “In a world where the Kingsman killed everyone inside the church, you’d think ‘Carnage could do it,’ but he didn’t. He shook the cleaver, he was cool, but can you imagine him chopping people off? The movie has a sense of humor about death and violence”, It is to explain.

Then Smith continued, this time in a more integrative tone. “You know, this is still a fun project for Tom Hardy, he wrote this story or created it, he invested deeply in everything and gave it his all. There is so much that makes me laugh out loud. He makes me noise in the movies”, is over.

Currently playing in theaters, Poison: the time of the massacre You have Harrelson Re-enacting the role of Cletus Kasady, with the character finally transforming into Carnage, a red and more destructive type of Venom.

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