November 30, 2023

“Lack of use at home …”; Glória Pires ends contract with Globo, receives proposals from rivals and must say goodbye after Terra e Paixão, according to the website


The actress must say goodbye to the network after Terra e Paixão, according to OFuxico’s website.

Photos: Reproduction/Gloria Perez's Instagram and Reproduction/Globo
Photos: Reproduction/Gloria Perez’s Instagram and Reproduction/Globo

actress Gloria Perez He was going to terminate his contract with Globo TV, according to exclusive information from the OFuxico website. As revealed by the communication medium, the artist has just ended his relationship with the Marinho family station, after decades.

According to a source heard by the portal, Cleo’s mom feels “underutilized at home.” However, the veteran must play another character before leaving Globo completely, in the next prime-time TV series, titled Terra e Paixão.

Photo: Playback / Instagram Gloria Perez

I just renewed to do another series. He did not receive any invitation to star in the series, but he feels eternal love and gratitude for the presenter.would say the source, in contact with OFuxico. The anonymous person in question even stated that the immortal Ruth/Raquel from Mulheres de Areia had already recorded scenes at Mato Grosso.

The person also claimed that Fabio Jr. is the ex. He promised a “memorable villain” in Walcyr Carrasco’s new series and also said that Pires had received proposals from competing broadcasters. “She received many offers from competitors“, Certain.

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