June 14, 2024

Layla does not sign the contract renewal and disturbs Dudu

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Layla does not sign the contract renewal and disturbs Dudu

when i said that “Only the president is missing” to renew your contract with Palm trees To be dedicated, Dodo was not using the power of expression.

a UOL Esporte I heard from people associated with the player that the club president has a document that has already been approved by all the people involved in the matter. And that the deal did not come out because it had not yet been signed.

The report found that the salary values ​​are the same for the current contract in effect, and valid until the end of 2023 – contractual glove for signing has already been calculated, and is diluted monthly over the life of the new contract.

The a novel The source told the report that the “timeline”, which was once a problem in the negotiations, has also expired. The hammer was struck in a three-year span – halfway between the two Palmeiras wanted and the four he wanted with a 7 shirt. But Leila’s signature didn’t come.

If he does not extend his contract, Dodo can sign a pre-contract with another club as early as the middle of next year.

Clashes optimism Palmeiras

As Dodo’s staff express uneasiness and impatience with the delay, Palmeiras speaks of optimism. A completely different view of the negotiation phase with regard to the other side of the negotiations.

The club understands that Dudu is a very important player and wants him to expand the association. But contrary to what the athlete says, Palmeiras says there are contractual details to be ironed out.

A club source reiterated to the report that talks had already developed a lot, and that he believed the parties would reach a solution. This expands the evidence that Dodo and Palmeiras are on different pages.

After the match to hand the Brazilian Champion’s Cup to Verdao, Doudou spoke resolutely because he had not yet done so on the subject.

With phrases such as: “He who must hurry is Palmeiras”; “We want to renew, but if that doesn’t happen, take the ball forward.” And “If I do not renew the ball forward, we have many other clubs. We will allow those who have to solve the problem”, the striker made clear his displeasure.

Which only increased with the fact that the club did not hold a party on the field to commemorate the 400 matches with Palmeiras, which were completed yesterday.

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