February 29, 2024

“Leaked Information, R$16.8 Million”; The destination of promise is high in Grêmio and Renato Gaucho finds out


The information was published by reporter Diogo Rossi

Picture: Matheus Bonomi/Ajeve - Renato Gaucho may authorize a player's departure
Picture: Mateusse Bonomi/Ajeve – Renato Gaucho may authorize a player’s departure

It seems that young goalkeeper Adriel is in top form with coach Renato Gaucho. The 22-year-old archer has won the Brino Center and Gabriel Grando and has never left. It is very difficult today to think that a Grêmio captain can promote any change and change his carrier in the King of Hearts target again. This can fuel the plate.

This is because, according to reporter Diego Rossi, one of the shifts may be full. On his YouTube channel, the journalist stated that the direction of Immortal believed that having Adriel and one of the two as back-up would suffice. Therefore, the two will be among the “negotiable”. despite of, One of them already had three proposals to leave Porto Alegre.

This is Gabriel Grando. According to Rossi, one of the teams interested in the 22-year-old goalkeeper is Hellas Verona from Italy. He also claims the top of the Italian team, estimating that he could be a great contribution to the team, should he remain in the top flight. It is good to emphasize that today the team is in the relegation zone in the Italian Championship, and is fighting not to fall.

Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF – Gabriel Grando could leave Grêmio

As Rossi said it The other two teams are also from Italy, but they are considered to be bigger than Verona. However, the names of the two teams are kept strictly confidential.. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if Gabriel Grando left Association And it ends up landing in Italy pretty soon. According to Transfermarkt’s website, it’s worth €3 million (R$16.8 million, according to current quotes).

Will Gabriel Grando trade?

Will Gabriel Grando trade?

Just because we have good goalkeepers

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