May 31, 2023
Novo RG: quanto tempo você tem para solicitar o documento?

Learn how to download the new document to your mobile phone

Nowadays, it has become easier to have all your personal documents at hand. The novelty is that RG is also now virtual, so it is necessary to download the application to your cell phone.

a digital identifier It is completely safe and valid for the whole country, as well as the print version. Digital copies of all documents help Brazilians in their daily life, as it is no longer necessary to go out with many documents in their wallet.

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digital identifier

RG Digital is an application created by the Brazilian states, in which each of them is responsible for the release of RG. For this reason, the digital version depends on each union unit.

However, be careful because not all states have the digital document. So, first check if your state offers the service. See the available options below:

  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • a federal district;
  • São Paulo;
  • Goias.
  • Paraíba.
  • Alagoas.
  • for.

How to download RG Digital on mobile?

Here’s how to download the app to your phone:

  • Download the “RG Digital” app from the App Store in the area where you live. Example: “RG Digital GO”;
  • Then install the application on your phone;
  • Click on Add RG option;
  • scan QR Code located on the back of the printed RG;
  • make facial recognition as a security measure;
  • Create an access password for the digital document;
  • ready! Your digital ID version is now available for mobile.

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Photo: Government of Brazil / clone