September 21, 2023
Limp Biscuit tour canceled after Govt-19 hike in US

Limp Biscuit tour canceled after Govt-19 hike in US

Oh Lim Biscuit He canceled the newly started tour after waking up from Covit-19 in the United States. Question about Fred Turst And the reason for the measurement is valid: “The system is defective,” he said in a note advertisement board.

In short, the system is still flawed. Although the musicians, bands and promoters did everything they could to ensure the safety of the front and back of the stage, they could not guarantee the safety of the overall audience.

“We are all together and we must – individually and collectively – do everything we can to be responsible and proactive in combating and preventing Govt pollution.”, The chat is over.

Oh Lim Biscuit Due to the epidemic he was away from the stage for 18 months and was baptized with an enthusiastic and festive name for the new tour, Limited Last Minute Post-Epidemic Popup Party Edition. However, the increase in cases in the delta-type United States has left government officials concerned.

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Limp Biscuit No Lallapalusa Chicago 2021 / Photo: Kevin Masoor / Getty Images

A The band came to participate Lollapalusa Chicago, The first major festival in the United States, with the exception of four major dates, after the end of banned activities in the United States. However, the twelve scheduled for the next few weeks have been canceled. Asked if there was any specific reason for this decision, Fred said he felt that safety protocols did not guarantee protection, especially from fans. Thurst denied that guitarist Wes Borland was suffering from Covit-19 disease.

According to advertisement board, Oh Lim Biscuit Not the only band to reconsider road safety. Oh Linyard Skyneard Already canceled shows after guitarist Ricky Medlock checked the positive hour before a show Stevie Knicks Fearing an increase in lawsuits, 2021 destroyed the entire agenda. Oh The New Orleans Jazz Festival was also canceled Changed dates and event to 2022.

“I do my part. Is that you?”Fred asked leaving a response.