June 25, 2024

LoL: Fans complain that Vi Arcane’s skin is better in Wild Rift

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LoL: Fans complain that Vi Arcane's skin is better in Wild Rift

Series Arkan, Made by Riot Games in partnership with netflix, It is a real success! The animation has already reached the best status of Netflix series on IMDb NS Hit first place In audiences in 36 countries, replacing the much-talked-about sixth round. only in china There were over 130 million views on the first season premiere.

To celebrate the release, Riot has also released Arcane skins for the main characters in the series: Jenks, VI, Kaitlyn NS Jess. These skins come as soon as the episodes are released and are also available on wild rift, LoL Mobile (see how Get it for free).

However, the aesthetic and even animation difference between LoL and Wild Rift is generating discussions in the community. Vi’s skin, for example, is prettier very funny The mobile phone, and in his recall even shows a hole-training machine, in direct reference to the string. Check out our animation comparison:

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The post crossed 11,000 likes and many users were unsatisfied, as it’s not the first time that Wild Rift has been more beautiful and aesthetically better than LoL itself.

However, many remember that the difference in “engines” is an important factor in the implementation of new elements in the game. Since LoL is an old game, some of the aesthetic and visual elements are likely to be more difficult to implement compared to Wild Rift, which was released this year.

Sixth Arcane no Wild Rift
I saw Arcane in the Wild Rift (Image: clone)

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