June 13, 2024

‘Lugar-o-Sol’s mom’: Barbara discovers she can’t get pregnant and takes desperate measures | Come to me around – come

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'Lugar-o-Sol's mom': Barbara discovers she can't get pregnant and takes desperate measures |  Come to me around - come

Still sad about the tragedy, wife Christian / Renato (Kawa Raymond) receives another devastating news: she can no longer get pregnant.

The diagnosis will shake the young woman so much that she will attempt suicide in This Friday’s class.

Barbara smashed by news that she can no longer get pregnant in ‘Mother of Lugar au Sol’ – Photo: Globo

Barbara will arrive at the appointment with her gynecologist thinking she will have good news, but reality will drop like a bomb in her lap:

“Unfortunately, I can’t deceive you: the probability of a pregnancy is practically nil,” says the doctor.

broken daughter Santiago (Jose de Abreu) She will go alone to Buzios, her refuge when everything goes wrong, without warning anyone and acting in a desperate situation: he enters the sea, bent on drowning.

Barbara enters the sea and ends up drowning in “Om Lugar au Sol” – Photo: Globo

Fortunately, Santiago will find his daughter’s location with the help of a tracker.

Nicole (Anna Bird), Rebecca (Andrea Beltrau) And Christian / Renato will go to the scene in an attempt to prevent another tragedy in the family.

The businessman reached the beach and saw his wife in the water and shouted Barbara’s name.

Will he be able to save the girl?

Christian / Renato despairs when he sees Barbara at sea in “Mum Lugar au Sol” – Photo: Globo

26 Nov


Barbara is shaken when the doctor reveals that a new pregnancy is impossible. Santiago tells Christian/Renato about Barbara’s irreversible diagnosis and tells him that his daughter is headed for Buzios. Nicole tells Rebecca that Christian / Renato has a child out of wedlock. Christian / Renato saves Barbara. Joey rejects Ravi. Rebecca is surprised to find Felipe in Buzios and the kiss. Túlio learned that Rebeca was with Felipe in Búzios. Rebecca tells Tullio that Renato/Christian has a child out of wedlock. Matthews discovers that Lara lied to him, saying that she has stopped taking the contraceptive pill. During a dinner in honor of Christian / Renato, Tullio revealed to Santiago that Barbara’s husband has a son.

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