March 30, 2023

Lula’s government is asking the US to admit a new ambassador to Washington

The Brazilian government took another step to make the change of command possible at the Brazilian Embassy in Washington: Brasilia sent the government of Joe Biden in the United States a request for an agreement to confirm the appointment of the new person chosen for the ceremony. . The case remains secret because it is customary to wait for the host country’s approval for the announcement, but government sources confirm that the Brazilian ambassador to the United States is diplomat Maria Luisa Viotti.

Prior to Mauro Vieira’s appointment, Viotti was tipped for the presidency, and his appointment to Washington was already expected. Diplomats across political lines in Itamarathi say he is a professional admired by the establishment.

A3 BSB – 07/10/2007 – MARIA LUIZA VIOTTI/INTERVEW – INTERNACIONAL – – Ambassador Maria Luisa Ribeiro Viotti, nominated for the post of Brazilian Representative to the United Nations, during an interview at the Idamarati Palace Photo: Pablo Valladares/AE

Last week, the Lula government defied Foreign Ministry expectations by announcing Julio Bitelli as the new Brazilian ambassador to Argentina. Female diplomats have demanded more space at the top of their careers, with ambassadors to Buenos Aires and Washington expected to be announced. There were signals locally that diplomat Gisela Padovan would take over in Argentina, but that did not happen. In the words of one ambassador, the ministry “came down” with the announcement of a person for the position in Buenos Aires.

If Maria Luisa Viotti gets the green light from the Americans in time, she can accompany Lula to Biden in Washington, scheduled for February 10.

Ambassador Nestor Forster, the current ally of former President Jair Bolsonaro, will be on leave while Lula’s entourage passes through the US capital. Forster was relieved of his post at the beginning of the month, but he remains head of the embassy for a 60-day protocol period, until early March.