February 28, 2024

Maduro urges workers to protest US sanctions – Jovem Pan

Nicolás Maduro has announced the reopening of the border with Colombia

President of Venezuela, Nicolás MaduroWorkers across the country have been asked to take to the streets and protest on Tuesday the 17th against the economic sanctions imposed. to us, which he described as “torture” and “crime”. “The working class must stand firm in defense of the independence of the homeland, it is the working class that must take to the streets with one voice to imperialism that enough sanctions, enough blockades against Venezuela. Torture and persecution against the economic life of Venezuela,” he said in a televised event. The president encouraged the working class to take this initiative in every state of the country, following the example of workers in the state of Bolivar in Guyana, “a week ago it was enough for thousands to take to the streets and carry out acts of vandalism. ), adequate criminal sanctions”.

Last week, Maduro asked US President Joe Biden to end the sanctions, but received a negative response last Monday, the 16th, until Venezuela returns to full democracy. “Until Maduro and his followers repress the Venezuelan people and divert resources to corrupt practices, we will pressure the regime with economic sanctions,” a US State Department spokesman said. The Biden administration has made it conditional on sanctions relief for Maduro’s deals with the opposition at talks in Mexico City. “Our sanctions against Venezuela remain in place. We will continue to impose sanctions on Venezuela in support of a return to democracy,” the spokesman said.

Last week, Maduro said “imperialism and its weak and extremist minions have stolen US$411 million a day from Venezuela” over the past eight years, which he described as “criminal theft”. Despite the denial, the United States failed to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s interim presidency in Venezuela two weeks ago, tarnishing his name. Even so, The country does not recognize Nicolás Maduro’s government as legitimate And it continues to point to the regime as a dictatorship.