March 30, 2023
Malvino Salvador launched the Globo Dawn and declared his support for Bolsonaro

Malvino Salvador launched the Globo Dawn and declared his support for Bolsonaro

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Malvino Salvador announces his support for Bolsonaro and blows up Globo

Malvino Salvador criticized Globo and showed his support for Jair Bolsonaro in the Cara a Tapa podcast, on Monday (5). Over the course of three hours, he delved into various topics with presenter Rica Perrone. The actor spoke out against the broadcaster’s press and said that despite the mistakes he trusted the current president.

Malvino commented that the station has always been excellent and strives for the best, especially in the dramaturgy sector, but was disappointed by another sector: “I think the press should be impartial. It can’t be biased in any way. Conscience is a person, who should To have access to both sides of the coin.”

The actor, who worked for 20 years at Globo, admitted that the channel strives to be an example to follow. Despite this, he does not believe that the broadcaster should raise an ideological flag.

“Globo is No. 10, but I think it could be reviewed. In the theatrical part it’s great, but journalism is what disappoints me a bit. It strives for excellence, but it doesn’t have to have an ideological bias, especially in journalism.. to get the most out of it.” possible exemption.

In one framework of the program, Malvino had to give notes to several public figures. When Bolsonaro’s photo was shown, he claimed to support the president. The actor also said that Gayer has good intentions despite making some mistakes.

“Not all governments are always firm or wrong, but I look at him (Bolsonaro) with good intentions. I think he is being massacred by the media in a dishonest way.

* In collaboration with Amanda Moreira.