March 30, 2023
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Marcus Mayon reveals his conflict with his wife’s plans and burst into tears live on “Mais Você” when commenting on Globo’s transformation: “I have a lot of faith”; Watch

These are times of great emotion for Marcus Munj! After announcing it His contract as host of “Caldeirão” by TV Globo has been renewed for 2022Have coffee with him Anna Maria BragaAt “Mais Você” on Thursday (21) – and of course the tears rolled there! During their long conversation, the veteran echoed the news that Myeon will continue to lead the talk show.

Initially, it will stay ahead of the attraction until December. The initial contract was to stay until the end of the year only. Later, I will have other projects that I will develop in Multishow. I want to be here (on Globo)I knew I had to be here. God walked a path, and the Virgin, who was promised to her, was able to move things in an impressive way. I knew I had to be at Globo’said the caller.

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Unable to contain the crying, Marcus continued: “It was Multishow who opened the doors for me, but soon after, there was a call to take ‘Caldeirão’ until the end of the year, after which it would be another network. And that’s fine. I said: Ok! Who would say no?! They told me it would be six months I just said, ‘Even if it’s just for one person! I’ll do it with so much heart and soul, that for me would be worth it.’ As a presenter, you yearn so much.”.

Myeon knew that directing Fausto Silva From the station and changes in the network with Luciano Hack They have opened up a space to realize their dream of working in the “plim plim” network. “These pieces from the Globo weekend, the last time they moved, was twenty years ago, when Luciano joined Fausto and they made the weekend ruling Brazil Week. So when these pieces started moving, I knew if I didn’t get in now, I wouldn’t Enter anymore. I knew it was the only chance I had to make this dream come true.”, announced.

All of these changes occurred during Myon’s trip to the United States to provide healthcare for her eldest son, Romeo. Even Susanna Jolo, the presenter’s wife, was planning to move permanently with her family to the country, and advised her husband to leave TV aside for a while.

“I was in Miami for treatment for my son Romeo, and when this movement started, I told my wife, ‘I want to go back, I need to be there, because I know it’s going to happen. I have a lot of faith in Mrs., in God. Isn’t that what happened? Faith has a lot of power. When I got the news that I’m actually going to stay on Saturday, do the weekend at Globo… Oh, yeah”He commented intermittently. “It’s nice to believe in your dreams and it’s so magical to be able to make them come true”He added, crying.

After that, the leader of the “Calderao” took the opportunity to praise Anna, and also proclaimed the importance of faith in her life. “I want, here before you, a woman whom I greatly respect and who has already moved me so much in life, to confirm my faith in Our Lady. And to assure all Brazilians who do not have her, that they seek faith, to solve any problem they have in their lives, or to fulfill any dream that they may have. Because without Faith, we don’t get out of bed. We have no reason to live without faith and without dreams to fulfill. I’m so touched by everything that’s going on. I don’t know when I’ll stop crying!”He joked.

During the program, Mion also received very affectionate messages from Lúcio Mauro Filho, who is also part of the new “Caldeirão”, and from Tony Ramos, whom he usually reveres. Check it out below: