March 3, 2024

Matos says Cruzeiro caught Vitor Rock in the “big hand” of America

Alexander Matos spoke about the negotiations
Photo: I reproduce Instagram

Alexandre Matos spoke about the negotiations between America and Cruzeiro, which includes Vitor Roque

Cruzeiro’s former director of football, Aleksandar Matos, said the club had taken in striker Vitor Roque in the “big hand” of America. The statement by the current manager of Atlético-PR came in the comments on the photo in which striker Edu said goodbye to Rabosa, which was published on Friday (6/1).

After supporting the striker leaving Cruzeiro was suspended, Alexander Matos was criticized by Cruzeiro fans. In various ways, supporters have attacked the manager for allegedly using some information as former Raposa manager to transfer Vitor Roque to Atlético, in April 2022. See Matos’ responses in the gallery below.

After a short stint at Cruzeiro last year, Matos was one of the responsible for signing the young striker, who is currently in the Furaco squad and is one of the biggest promises in Brazilian football. Because of the workflow, fans said that Matos had no manners, and the director insisted on refuting him.

“Lack of morality was taking Vitor Roque from America in the ‘big hand’. They never called there, they didn’t release anything. They came to an agreement only after I denounced America in the core group and boycott Cruzeiro, and gave 35% to America. Not the club, which Nothing to do with it, but the people who were there at the time,” Mattos interspersed.

Matos responded, who also responded with a statement indicating he was smart in making the deal. “Intelligence? Pay a fine of 4.5 euros for a 17-year-old boy? Who caught the ‘intelligence’ that was in Cruzeiro two or three years ago [e buscou] in America. Ah yes”.

Many fans criticized the ex-Raposa manager, who tried to explain in detail that he acted correctly when signing Vitor Roque to Atlético-BR. Alexandre Matos still pokes fun at the Cruzeirenses’ current rage, which runs counter to the affection prevailing at the time when the manager was one of those responsible for putting together a twice-winning Brazil side in 2013 and 2014.

“So mercenary that I worked for free twice a year [no Cruzeiro] n. Information stolen? Incompetent people who don’t care. if [Vitor Roque] Don’t come here [Athletico-PR]It will be in Internacional or Palmeiras. And do you know how long it takes a football manager to find out the contractual fine? A phone call to the businessman who has a copy of the contracts and that was the case with Vitor Rock. hugs. Ah, when we won it all was a legend, Mattos said.