June 1, 2023
Mike Tyson agride passageiro em avião nos EUA

Mike Tyson was attacked while traveling on an American plane

Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson – Getty Images North America / AFP / Files

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has repeatedly stabbed a passenger on a flight from San Francisco to Florida.

Cellphone video footage shows Tyson leaning back in his seat, hitting a man hard and repeatedly. The incident took place on Wednesday (20).

“Iron Mike” was initially friendly with the passenger and his friend when they boarded the plane, but the person “did not stop teasing him,” TMZ reported.

The popular website further states that the traveler “tried to talk constantly” to the 55-year-old boxer.

Apparently, “the witness said he was tired of seeing Tyson talking in his ear … and told him to calm down. But when that person did not (Tyson) start punching him,” TMZ added.

According to reports, Tyson landed before the plane took off for Florida.

As of Thursday (21), neither the U.S. Police Department, nor the airline JetBlue, nor Tyson’s agents have commented on the case.