June 24, 2024

Millionaire Joe Soares fortune divided by will. Know where the money goes

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Jô Soares

In August this year, Brazil lost Joe Soares, one of the greatest correspondents on Brazilian television. An only child, the owner of the motto “Kiss from the fat man” left him without a single heir. According to information from Jornal Extra and Sala de TV blog, he changed his will about two months before his death, in order to leave his fortune to employees and his ex-wife Flavia Pedras.

Soares has had only one child, Rafael Soares (1964-2014), since his marriage to Teresa Ostrigisello. The presenter was very close to his ex-wife, who gave up her acting career to devote herself exclusively to her son, who had an autism spectrum. In 2014, he was diagnosed with brain cancer and died at the age of 50. Teresa, in turn, died in March 2021 at the age of 87.

According to Terra’s blog, when his health problems worsened, José Eugênio Soares (the name given to the communicator) tried to get everything organized. The value of his assets has not been disclosed, but the apartments he turned into duplexes in São Paulo are estimated to be worth about R$7.3 million each.

The properties were in the same building as Adriane Galisteu and had one unit per floor, as well as a private elevator. In his units, Joe built a barber shop, an office with a library, and even a chapel in honor of Santa Rita de Cassia. According to the Agente Imóvel website, a square meter of the building costs more than R$12,227.

The millionaire legacy of “The Fat Man” also had many works of art, because in addition to being an actor, director, writer, screenwriter and comedian, he was still an artist. Pieces by other creators are also part of the collection. Since he has no close relatives, Joe chooses to take advantage of the old and reliable employees who remained with him until his last days, as well as his ex-wife.

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Flavia had no heirs with the presenter, but the former spouses have maintained a very strong friendship over the years. Piedras and Soares were married from 1987 to 1998, and it was the former, who became his best friend and is now married to singer Zelia Duncan, who supported the artist in his most fragile phase. It also announced to the public that Joe passed away on August 5th.

“Long live petico, acorn, offal, pets, droppings, fat. You are proud of all who have shared life with you in some way. I thank the lords of time and space, for they have given me the good fortune of letting our lives intersect.”Publicity books on social media. “I thank you forever, for the joys and also for the pains we cause ourselves. Even these have made us more and better. Eternal love to you, Betika ”, is over.

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Joe Soares was known among his friends for his unknown generosity. According to Sala de TV sources, he was a president who cared about the welfare of those who worked around him and financially helps everyone who needed it.

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