September 29, 2023

Milwaukee Bucks bury Miami Heat with 3s and filter 10 in historic first quarter

After a bad shooting night from a long distance in winning the Miami Heat in Game 1, the Milwaukee Bucks returned to average in stunning fashion with a 132-98 blowout win in Game 2 at the Fischer Forum.

Milwaukee started the game in a historic first quarter in which they dominated every aspect of the game. Their 10 3-point baskets matched an NBA record of the most in a quarter, and their 26-point lead is the largest since the first quarter in post-season history.

Bucks Guard Brian Forbes Was the catalyst for an early attack from a distance. Sharpshooting reserves drained beyond the six-fifths curve in the first quarter alone. He finished the night with 22 points, including a 3- to 6-for-9 score.

“If my man gets a warm hand, I’ll go to him,” Bucks Point Guard Jur holiday Said. “He was missing, so at that time we were running everything to him – to see what was really going on.”

When Forbes accelerated the bucks from the outside, Giannis Antetoga ounpo Controlled the interior, where there is no response to heat. He returned with a brilliant effort, dropping six tons off the field in his 12-for-23 night and finishing in 31 minutes with 31 points, 13 rebounds, six assists and three steals. With the game unbeaten in the third quarter, Antoine O’Neill delighted the home crowd with a football exhibition – cheating a basketball nine times with his feet – when the game was stopped.

“I can do 300 of them,” Antotocounbo said. “I wanted to play football, I didn’t want to play growing basketball.”

Both Antoine O’Neill and Forbes insisted that Bucks’ attack was largely fueled by their defenses. In the first two games of the series, Milwaukee released a small defensive rating of 100.4, locking Miami in half court and change. Those defensive stops ignited the buck, eventually leading to open shots against a backlash thermal defense.

“There was some connection to security,” Forbes said. “We got the big stops, pushed it into change, and found the shots.”

From the start, the Bucks turned the Heat’s aggressive doubles team into timely bass-outs and a smooth upside to open snipers. Overall, Milwaukee scored 29 points and returned the ball only once in 17 possessions, in which Miami sent the duo to a Bucks player.

Holiday, who had amassed 15 assists, planned most of the Bucks offensive attack, while they took the lead in the first quarter. While Milwaukee scored 20 points on his passes in the first quarter, the holiday received seven assists. When the Bucks first missed the rare shot, they smashed the attacking glass and collected half of their miss.

The Bucks led 78-51 at halftime, and the margin never narrowed to more than 25 points in the second half. They finished 53 for 22 in 3 points and are now leading the series 2-0.

As for Miami, the loss underscored their offensive struggles, both Wingman Jimmy Butler And the big man Pam Adebayo Posts unforgettable production for the second game in a row. Butler is now 8-for-32 for a total of 27 points in the series, while Adebayo is now 9-for-26 for a total of 25 points. Both have no place to play against NBA All-Defense Second-Team Player of the Year Antedoga Ounbo. Brooke Lopez And a bucks project players execute precisely.

The Heat will host Bucks in Game 3 in Miami on Thursday night as they try to find the first hit of the series.

“The bright side, I don’t think we can play worse than this,” Butler said.