October 1, 2023

MITA 2023: Lana Del Rey previews her career returning to the stage; Watch the best moments | pop

Lana Del Rey performing at MITA 2023, in Rio de Janeiro – Photo: Fábio Cordeiro/gshow

she is back! Lana Del Rey He chose to make a career-successful run on the first night of MITA. Away from the stage for four years, she presented Brazilian fans with an award Make the list Which was from the latest album “Did you know there’s a tunnel…” (2023), to the debut album “Born To Die” (2012).

Lana receives a standing ovation at the opening of her concert at MITA

By the way, one of the moments that impressed the public was the title track of the first album. Already on the first beats of “Born To Die,” fans sang along. He watches:

Lana Del Rey sings “Born To Die”.

“God bless you, Brazil” appeared on the screen at the beginning of the show, before the artist entered the first song.

Lana Del Rey with the words “God bless you Brazil” on the screen – Image: reproduction / Twitter

Soon after, there was a costume change, and he was on stage! The styled blonde quickly gave way to Lana Del Rey’s natural hair, The black dress has also been replaced with a floral print model. At the time of the exchange, the audience went crazy and shouted: “Hotty!”

Lana Del Rey changes clothes on stage and the audience shouts: “Hotty!”

After “A&W”, right at the beginning of the show, Lana Del Rey also sings “Young And Beautiful”. The song was made for the soundtrack to the movie The Great Gatsby (2013).

Lana Del Rey sings “Young and Beautiful”

Another intriguing choice Make the list It was “Flipside”, a single from the album Ultraviolence (2014). The song is not available in Brazil.

Lana Del Rey sings “Flipside”

After a while away from the stage, Lana has clearly tried to extend her time with her fans as much as possible. After singing “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard”, from her latest album, she ended the show with “Video Games”, the first major hit of her career.

“I love you and hope to see you soon,” Lana said with a smile on her face.

Lana Del Rey sings “Video Games” and announces herself to Brazil

Lana Del Rey returns to the stage

Lana Del Rey performing at MITA 2023, in Rio de Janeiro – Photo: Roberto Filho/Brazil

Saturday’s concert was special for both Lana and the fans, This is because the singer has been on a four-year hiatus! The artist’s long-awaited return to the stage took place in Brazil.

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