July 14, 2024

More money, more problems: Cheney and Kinsinger feel the Trump effect

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Kinsinger, who represents a deep red district in suburban Chicago, did not raise more than $ 350,000 a quarter during the 2020 cycle. But in the first three months of 2021 – after his support for the second Trump charge – he rose to 1 1.1 million.

Although their rising profiles give them a new megaphone and deep pockets, it is not clear whether there is a path to success in running as an anti-Trump candidate in a GOP primary. However, their trembling futures in the House did not prevent some Republicans in Capitol Hill from personally watching to see if Cheney and Kinsinger would consider future bids for the Oval Office. The two have recently formed PACs and have publicly teamed up with law enforcement officials as some in their party have refused to honor those responsible for the January 6 Capitol riots, both of which are showing interest in the high office.

Cheney’s allies, who were reluctant in April to reject the future White House run, said it would help speed up his ouster from the leadership, at least as his fundraising numbers help fight Trump when he tries to boot from the political arena.

Cheney’s team, which was first announced by Fox News, made its trip as evidence of “strong support in this fight” to win re-election in his state’s largest district.

“Liz is proving worthy, principled leadership from Wyoming’s representative,” spokesman Kevin Seifert said in a statement. “He will continue to fight against the abuses of the Biden administration and show how the Republicans can provide a better way for the nation. It encourages many to join his cause.”

Among Cheney and Kinsinger’s conference colleagues, some rejected the expectation that anti-Trump activists might have any place on the party ticket.

“It is an illusion for anyone to think that there is any other path to a higher position in the Republican primary than the Trump platform,” said President Guy Resentler (R-P.), Who identified himself as a Cheney ally before his spring leadership ouster. “I’m not talking to Liz or Adam about their long – term goals. However, if they look at the war they are facing first, they think high office is an easy path.”

Other Republicans, including Cheney and Kinsinger, have dismissed the notion that they are centered on anything beyond their re-election efforts. Representative Dan Bacon (R-Nep.) Said he considers Cheney and Kinsinger’s numbers “coming with as much ammunition as possible to win the re-election.”

If Trump seeks the presidency again in 2024, he is expected to destroy the domain of many allies. But he has no authority to sound Cheney or Kinsinger, both institutional conservatives who have accepted the role of his films. Kinsinger is expected to run for the Senate or Governor’s House in his state, although his chances will be limited by the Republicans’ fight for statewide victory in Illinois.

Back in Wyoming’s large district, most of Cheney – with more than $ 2.8 million in her hand – will ease her challenges. Since being elected in 2016, Cheney has been a strong fundraiser, armed by his father’s conservative donors, and former Vice President Dick Cheney is commanding more control in the state where he made his political debut.

Still, his opponents will not please the Wyoming for his crusade against Trump as a self-serving exercise. Rather than deviate from this political kryptonite, Cheney is expected to lean even more in his anti-Trump campaign, with the appointment of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who served on the select committee investigating the deadly January 6 uprising.

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