June 24, 2024

‘Mother of Lugar au Sol’: Christian / Renato’s reaction to his son’s death will shock Elenas | Come to me around – come

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'Mother of Lugar au Sol': Christian / Renato's reaction to his son's death will shock Elenas |  Come to me around - come

😕 And your attitude when you find out that your child died during childbirth will be shocked Elenis (Anna Beatrice Nogueira).

😕 no Class of this Saturday, 11/18, mother and son will face a new clash. The reason will be the fate of the child’s device.

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Christian / Renato does not suffer due to the death of his son with Barbara in ‘Mother of Lugar Soul’ – Photo: Globo

😶 Christian / Renato will be notified by ravi (Juan Paiva) about the death of the child and will not show any reaction.

When he arrives at the hospital, he will apologize to Barbara and console his wife.

😶 It will be a surprise thulium (Daniel Dantas) with dedication to work in such a difficult time.

Elenes is surprised by the reaction of “Mother-Lugar-o-Sol” – Photo: Globo

First round 🥊🥊🥊

🤯 Elenice will eventually find her son in a house Santiago (Jose de Abreu). Given the machine you bought abroad, you will apologize for the situation:

“For me, no problem,” Christian/Renato will reply.

🤯 The veteran will be shocked by the successor’s reaction:

“How, no problem, Renato? It’s your son’s stuff. Well, I understand, when it’s so hard, you shut down, fend for yourself, but…”, he will analyze.

Christian argues with Elenes over the baby stroller in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ – Photo: Globo

2nd round 🥊🥊🥊

Santiago will arrive to calm tensions between mother and baby, but the discussion will resume when Christian/Renato agrees to donate the baby’s device to Ravi.

“Honestly, the clothes, the shoes, the bed linen…great stuff, some even asserted that I don’t even know if the driver would feel good, or even if his son had something to wear,” she doesn’t agree with Ellenes.

“What kind of comment is that, Ellenes? Clothes are clothes and shoes are shoes. As far as I know, everyone needs them, right?”

Is the climate talking? 🥴🥴🥴

20 Nov


Renato/Christian convinces Ravi to stay on the job. Renato / Christian Console Barbara. Luan meets Santiago. Santiago decided to perform a gymnastics session with Erica. Renato/Christian donates the device that Ellens bought to Ravi’s son. Ravi shows more patience with his son than Joey. Renato / Christian is looking for Lara. Lara is heartbroken when she encounters clues that Christian is in the cafeteria. Renato / Christian learns from Mary that Lara is going to marry Matthews. Mary looks at a picture in the picture frame in Lara’s room and tells Nuka’s granddaughter that it was the man in the picture who helped her pick the flower for the bouquet. Renato/Christian imagines Lara dressed as a bride on the lawn in Engenhão while the judge and guests wait for Lara to say yes to Mateus.

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