June 25, 2024

MultiVersus: How does the free rotation of characters work | esports

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MultiVersus: How does the free rotation of characters work |  esports

Currently, MultiVersus has 17 playable characters that perform different roles in the game. They can all be purchased for free with gold, in-game currency obtained by playing matches, and character tickets, received by completing missions and objectives. It is also possible to buy fighters with the paid in-game currency, Gleamium. However, players may take some time to unlock all the available characters. Therefore, the game introduced a free character rotation system.

The MultiVersus fighter rotation system will provide four characters for use without the need to purchase every two weeks. During this period, the evolution progress with the characters will be calculated and maintained even if the fighter is not purchased at the end of the free spin.

It is worth noting that two characters are available for free from the beginning of the game: Shaggy and Wonder Woman. Prices for each fighter range from 1,500 to 3,000 gold, and they all cost 700 glimium. Gold can also be obtained in larger quantities by completing missions and leveling up in the game. It is also possible to train with any character in the lab, which is a kind of training room in the game.

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