February 28, 2024
Nazi hunter says US law against war criminals is inadequate

Nazi hunter says US law against war criminals is inadequate

Nazi hunter says US law against war criminals is inadequate

Eli Rosenbaum, the US Justice Department appointee to investigate Russian war crimes in Ukraine, during a congressional hearing in Washington, September 28, 2022 – AFP

Eli Rosenbaum, an American famous for hunting Nazis, said this Wednesday (28) that federal law in the United States is insufficient to punish war criminals in the country. He has been tasked by the Justice Department to investigate alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Rosenbaum told a Senate hearing that federal criminal law does not cover “most war crimes” committed in the United States unless the victim or perpetrator is American.

“Given the heinous crimes Russia is committing during its unnecessary war in Ukraine, this investigation is taking place at a very appropriate, urgent and frightening time,” the 67-year-old lawyer said. Nazis were war criminals.

Federal law does not allow Americans who have been tortured abroad to be helped unless the perpetrator is also a native or resident of the United States, Rosenbaum said.

He also reaffirmed that there was no law on “crimes against humanity” often committed outside the context of war, such as slavery or mass killings.

“Russians and other war criminals who come here cannot escape criminal justice and find safe haven in the United States,” the attorney says.

He also noted that the Pentagon, the State Department and the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security have agreed to “technical solutions” to address the legal loopholes.

Last week, United Nations (UN) investigators accused Moscow of committing a “significant number” of war crimes in four regions of Ukraine, even in the first weeks after the Russian invasion.

Contrary to what some NGOs and Ukraine have said, investigators believe it is too early to talk about crimes against humanity.