September 29, 2023

NBA Playoffs 2021 – With the tip of Kevin Durant’s shoe, the Milwaukee Bucks are finally halfway to their goal

The game could have been a movie, a soap opera and its dialogue Kevin Torrent And his longtime friend PJ Tucker A stage play.

But the Milwaukee Bucks found Brooklyn nets to be higher than 115-111 for all the drama that erupted on Saturday night in an epic overtime game 7, and all the fatigue that led to the exhausting and respectful warmth, which is downstairs: the Bucks stars are in the finals of the conference.

Whatever the Bucks ’shortcomings – they are – it could be the golden opportunity they got in the Gold Cup. That may be the best post they have ever had Kareem Abdul-Jaber And Oscar Robertson was playing there in the 1970s. Even those Hall of Famers have never won a Game 7 on the road to Bucks.

Why should it be so hard to consider Brooklyn injuries, how Milwaukee can discuss a few games more than slipping through the fingers – and almost deciding Game 7 itself. But that was all the premise, and they escaped the series.

“We kept our composure throughout the series,” said Giannis Antotoga ounbo after scoring 40 points in 13 minutes with 13 restarts, eventually draining his many natural powers.

“We fell 2-0 and we were able to come back. We lost one game in 15 games [points in Game 5]. Against all odds in Game 7, we came here and waited for KD to win. “

Against all odds, perhaps, but certainly by the tip of Durant’s shoe, he cleared the 3-point line when he bought the Bucks another chance for the last amazing shot of his amazing series.

The way Bucks came into the series was dominated by the senior center Brooke Lopez. The Stanford-educated big man (although he was once suspended for skipping class) seemed inexplicably oblivious to the fact that the shot clock was late in order, and that Bucks did not have a major possession, despite having a time to organize.

But at extra time, Lopez stayed with the play as the torrent broke free to go to the edge, which created a key barrier that helped keep the torrent from scoring overtime – the deciding factor in ultimately winning.

Torrent had a state line that should not miss history: 48 points in 53 minutes, never leaving the ground. His performance in this series is one of the best for a losing player in league history. If MVP had been awarded the semifinals of the conference, Durant would have won it. For that reason, no star will get next to Bucks for this win. They fully earned it and thwarting Torrent’s efforts only boosted their confidence for the upcoming rounds.



P.J. Tucker called Kevin Durant harshly, saying he was having fun on the court where Durant’s mother was sitting while KD was shooting free throws.

A guy who couldn’t get past Tucker to Torrent’s Golden State Warriors teams when he was a member of the Houston Rockets. For a split second, when Torrent created the long, wild jumper over his arms, he thought he would miss it again.

“It was painful, I was in pain, it was a fight every night,” Tucker said, spreading in a good-natured fashion back and forth between Durant’s family and friends. “It’s very nice to finally cross the cone.”

Bucks are absolutely not over the hump, of course. Technically, they’re halfway there.

They killed last year’s Dragon and nurtured confidence in Miami Heat Baking. Brooklyn opened as the big series and championship favorites, it should be pointed out, even in Game 2 Milwaukee was 49 points apart James Horton Marginalized. Even on Saturday, sports books established the Nets as a bit of a favorite Kyrie Irving Being out and Horton is apparently still stuck.

The Bucks were 0-5 in Brooklyn this year, and were popular in close playoff games. Jur holiday 2-of-17 shooting late in the fourth quarter. Chris Middleton Couldn’t buy a shot. In this second round final the referees allowed a bad, physical game – Blake Griffin Sometimes Antotoka wrestled with the ounbo, and small nets survived in the trenches, leaving almost everything behind.

There are a lot of great time talents and big time teams at home or on vacation. Bucks are still here.

“There were a lot of ups and downs within the series. There were a lot of ups and downs in this game. Everybody fought very hard,” said Antoine Ounpo. “I was emotional there. We wanted this.” You never go down the aisle for a championship crown. Sometimes you will hit the other person with their Nike toe.