June 23, 2024

Next Chapter, Monday 15th November TV News

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Next Chapter, Monday 15th November TV News

Check out the next chapter summary of place in the sunGlobo’s Nine Hour TV series which airs on Mondays (15):

Renato told Christian Santiago that he called the driver to apologize for the rude attitude Barbara had with the boy.Noka encourages Lara to move forward with her new job in the school cafeteria. Ravi is upset to hear Joey enter his apartment to hide from the police.

Cecília decides to step forward to campaign with Rebeca, who is upset with her daughter’s success. Ilana proposes to Rebecca to end her marriage to Tullio.Hana announces that she is pregnant. Renato/Christian is surprised to learn that Barbara has stopped taking birth control.

Lara realizes that Noca has set a date with Matthews.Renato / Christian discovers that his brother killed a run-down person. Renato / Christian thinks of Lara. Matthew shows interest in Lara. Barbara tells Renato / Christian that she is pregnant.

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Um Lugar ao Sol classes are provided by Globo and are subject to change without notice

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