February 2, 2023

Nubank customers will no longer be rejected with this can’t-miss functionality

There is a new option that Nubank has made available to help more somewhat “forgotten” customers, thus making it easier to discharge accounts on time. with scheduling Debtor Automatically, people will be able to determine the exact payment of outstanding bills according to their respective due dates.

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Nubank job surprises

In short, this new option enables the balance available on Noconta It is used to automatically pay off amounts related to debts incurred on the card.

to me digital bank, The new function was released due to the numerous requests from the customers themselves, which makes the financial life of its users more practical. During its implementation, the function was gradually released to financial technology users, and soon reached more and more account holders.

What is worth remembering is that this procedure is optional, so it is only approved by consumers who feel the need to use the function. For this, it is necessary to configure the account to carry out the count with the facility.

How is automatic bill discount enabled?

Customers who wish to enable automatic discount on Credit card The bank’s application must be accessed, where it will be necessary to access the settings by clicking on the “Card Configuration” tab.

After that, you just need to click on the “Automatic invoice discount” field and select “Activate”. ready! In a few steps, the customer can already guarantee that his payments will be made invoice And avoid accumulating interest resulting from delay in repaying the debt. This way, the amounts will be deducted automatically on the invoice due date.

If the customer does not have enough credit to settle the debt, Nubank will advise on the situation. It should be noted that the method is excluded from use for credit card expenses, so other accounts that the cardholder needs to pay cannot be registered. It is also possible to activate and deactivate the tool at any time.