February 25, 2024

PIX changes take effect from this date; Brazilians may be affected?

Pix Changes – What are the changes for this method of transportation in 2023? In recent months, the economic team of the federal government announced several Pix changes🇧🇷 The updates, as usual, have made many Brazilians anxious. After all, quite a few people have come to believe that Pix will be taxed from next year. But is this true?

Pix is ​​currently the most used method of money transfer by Brazilian residents. Soon after the official launch, Pix gained the support of people from all over the country, mainly due to its zero cost and high level of practicality. In this way, Brazilians must observe all changes that have already been confirmed by the government. See below what the changes are and when the changes will be implemented.

All about Pix changes. Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br

The government confirms the news at PIX in 2023

In November 2020, the Central Bank launched Pix, an innovative payment system, Within days, it had gained millions of users.

Pix’s big difference – compared to previous roadrunners, such as TED and DOC – is the instant and free transfer. from scientifict side: Pix users send and receive money instantly, without having to pay any kind of additional fee.

Since then, Pix has become popular with Brazilians and has secured users in all regions of the country. Between the creation of Pix and August 2022, more than 478 million keys have been registered. The vast majority of them, about 95.6%, are individuals.

However, Pix is ​​still difficult to implement in some segments of the Brazilian population. According to data from the Banking Economy Report, issued in October 2022, 82 million Brazilians have not made any transfers via Pix.

This number equates to about 46% of the adult Brazilian population. The survey also reveals interesting data about Brazilians’ relationship to the increasing digitization of financial life. see below:

  • 71.4 million Brazilians, about 40% of the adult population, have not made any kind of digital bank transfer (both Pix and TED) between November 2020 (the date Pix was created) and December 2021 (the period analyzed by the research);
  • 10.7 million gave at least one TED between November 2019 and December 2021, but no Pix in the same period;
  • 60% of Brazil’s adult population already uses at least one type of wire transfer (107.2 million people);
  • Of this audience, 54 million people started digital conversions after the launch of Pix;
  • 36 million Brazilians (about 20% of the adult population) have started using Pix as their main mode of transportation;
  • 13 million people currently use both Pix and Ted (8% of Brazilian adults).

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Pix changes – night time

In early December 2022, representatives of the Central Bank (BC) confirmed several changes to Pix. Anyone who uses this teleportation method should pay attention, Since the changes promise to affect all users without exception.

One of the most significant changes occurs at night time in Pix. Because of the numerous kidnappings that took place in the state of São Paulo, in which the criminals forced the victims to transfer the ransom via Pix, the central bank instituted the night rule.

With this rule, the Central Bank determined A The transfer limit is R$1,000 at night, from 8 pm to 6 am.

However, with the new rules issued by the Central Bank, the limit will be optional. In practice, Pix users themselves will be able to choose whether or not to accept this transfer cap. The identification must be done in the banking applications used by each account holder.

What are the changes in Pix Saque and Pix Swap?

Another novelty announced by the Central Bank of Pix is ​​an important modification in Pix Loot and Pix Swap rules.

The Pix Loot, for those who don’t knowAll users of this transfer and payment system are allowed to make withdrawals at service points that provide this service, such as ATMs, stores and banking institutions.

Pix Swap in turn, allows users to make a purchase of a set amount, pay with Pix, and receive change in cash. Ie: If you buy R$200, and pay with R$250 in Pix, you can get R$50 change in cash.

This alternative Widely used by bank account holders who charge fees for withdrawalssuch as Nubank, for example.

Thus, the change in Pix Saque and Pix Troco includes transaction limits🇧🇷 Currently, the limit is R$500 during the day (from 6am to 8pm) and R$100 for the night period (8pm to 6am).

With the new rules, the limit increases to R$3,000 during the day and R$1,000 at night. Other Pix Loot and Pix Swap rules remain unchanged.

Pix changes – new frontiers

Finally, the third change confirmed by BC for Pix is ​​the change in process boundaries. With the new rules, financial institutions are no longer required to set a limit on the value of transactions.

On the other hand, banks have to time the operations, With the aim of ensuring a higher level of security for users.

Namely: Users will be able to transfer Pix of any value🇧🇷 To end operations, account holders must contact banking institutions themselves.

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When will the Pix changes be implemented?

The changes in Pix mentioned above, which have already been confirmed by the Federal Administration, It is valid only from January 2023.

More specifically, the new Pix rules will be implemented on January 2, 2023, the first business day of the following year. Save this date! Finally, it is important to remember that despite fake news reports on social networks, Pix will not be taxed in 2023.

I received a Pix by mistake, should I return it?

In advance, although the progress of technology is somewhat beneficial and provides many possibilities, such as Pix, there may still be some failures. These defects can be internal or manual, where it is Users make some mistakess.

In this sense, although it is a somewhat unpleasant situation, it is somewhat possible Send a pixel to the wrong person🇧🇷 But what did you get, should you come back?

Well, according to the rules enforced by justice, it is Citizen’s full obligation to return Pix to sender, in cases of accidental shipments. to me Article 168 of the Penal Codedo not return Pix configurations The crime of embezzlement🇧🇷

Hence, the punishment for this type of crime is Imprisonment from 1 to 4 years, plus a high fine. Therefore, the guide is for individuals return value As soon as possible.