February 25, 2024

Nubank issues up to R$200 for purchases; See how!

a nubank It is a leading Brazilian startup in the field of financial services. a digital bank Created in 2013, it won the hearts of Brazilians. The company has credit cards with no annual fees, many other services without fees, as well as many investment options.

With the aim of innovating and always attracting more customers, it has been recently nubank Released a new function that will facilitate card payments. Through it, it will be possible to make payments of up to R$200 without the need for the card password.

This function is called approx payment (without touch) and allows users to make purchases in a simpler and more practical way. Check below how to use this function, as well as more information on approximate payments.

Pay with Nubank approximation

The approximate payment, for those who do not know, works as follows: the customer can only make the amount by bringing the plastic Card device without having to enter it and enter the password.

This feature is widely used by banks today, and it is not new. However, payments of this type have low transaction limits, for security reasons. The great news for Nubank is to increase that limit to up to 200 Brazilian reals.

Banks set this limit in case the card is stolen. If there is no limit, the thief may use the customer’s card to purchase anything without the password, which can cause great damage.

In this way, check below how to activate this function and take advantage of paying by rounding nubank:

  • First, you need to download the Nubank app on your cell phone available to android And the iOS;
  • then access the application;
  • When the home screen opens, go to your profile area;
  • Now, find the Configure Card option and click on;
  • Finally, you just need to activate the “approximate purchases” function.

It is important to note that this feature can be deactivated at any time, if the customer so desires. To do this, you just need to follow the same instructions as above. When the function is deactivated, the “Approximate Purchases” button will turn gray.

How to increase your credit limit

One of the biggest complaints from Nubank customers is the great difficulty in topping up credit limit. In this way, check out some tips from the financial institution itself that can help increase this limit.

The first tip is to always update your income values ​​in the app. This way, Nubank will know exactly how much you earn, which helps determine how much you can spend. Therefore, the bank sets a credit limit that is more fair and consistent with your salary.

Another way to increase your credit limit is to always pay your card bills on the correct dates. If the customer delays payment, the bank loses confidence, and the tendency is not to increase or even reduce the limit. So, with the invoices updated, the nubank More suitable for increasing the credit limit.

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