February 26, 2024

Old man buried in US blizzard survives for a week by eating candy

81-year-old Jerry Juret survived a long week of eating candy after being buried in a blizzard in the United States. American found in car stuck in snow

In addition to treats, the Mathematician and former NASA employee It also ate snow to survive. According to him, it is necessary to roll down the car window a few times to eat.

Leaving his mountain home in Big Pine on February 24, Jerry was caught in a blizzard. He took a trip to the family home in the neighboring state of Nevada Three hours in normal condition.

Accidentally, he took a wrong turn and stuck his car in the snow.

A bath towel, a windbreaker, and a quilt were the only things Jerry used to cover himself. Keep warm. Only the vehicle’s heater was turned on periodically to save the car’s battery.

He was only rescued when a helicopter flying over the area as part of the search found the car stuck in the snow. Jerry took him to the hospital without showing anything Symptoms of hypothermia.

“The nurses were shocked at how good his vital signs were,” the American’s grandson, Christian Joret, told CNN.