February 27, 2024
Overcame Alpine opposition and FIA reinstates Alonso to 7th in America - Formula 1 News

Overcame Alpine opposition and FIA reinstates Alonso to 7th in America – Formula 1 News

The FIA (International Automobile Federation) reversed and quashed the penalty it applied for Fernando Alonso Due to an incident Lance walks In GP America Last weekend. With the company’s result, the Spaniard regains seventh place Austin.

After an incident with Stroll, Alonso took the checkered flag in seventh place, but was handed a 30-second penalty for riding in “unsafe conditions” due to the car’s right windshield, which wobbled for several laps before eventually crashing.

Alonso was unable to hold off Stroll and the two collided in Austin (Photo: Reproduction / F1)

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However, on protest, the punishment was awarded Haha, submitted 24 minutes by the FIA, which paved the way for Alpine’s appeal. At the press conference of G.P city MexicoFernando reaffirmed that he saw the commissioners’ decision as wrong.

Alpine’s protest claimed that Alonso was not informed of the racing direction during the race Texas The car was damaged, and Haas asserted that the complaint was out of time. The US team claimed that the deadline could not be met as the FIA ​​had said it could file a protest within 1 hour.

On Thursday, the FIA ​​ruled that Alpine’s protest was inadmissible, ruling that the regulations did not allow it to file a complaint. The committee asked for the case to be reconsidered, pointing to significant new evidence that “the committee learned that the original objection was filed after the usual 30-minute deadline, as of 8:53 p.m. that night”. . So a second hearing was held last night.

When the FIA ​​found that Alpine’s complaint was accepted, another inquiry was held Mexico, found that Haas’s claim could have been submitted manually to allow it to meet the 30-minute deadline. Therefore, the initial complaint was deemed inadmissible, nullifying the entire protest and withdrawing Alonso’s position.

“We are grateful to have met with FIA officials and come to a conclusion on the issue involving car #14 in relation to last week’s US GP,” Alpine said in a statement. “The team accepts the aforementioned stewards’ decision, whereby car #14 regains seventh place and its race points”, he continued.

“We look forward to continuing our collaborative work with the FIA ​​to ensure the racing spectacle is of the highest possible standard.”

In conclusion, the commissioners were concerned about the potential consequences of a loose mirror. “We strongly recommend that procedures be put in place to monitor such issues,” they said. The idea is for teams to be notified by radio or with black and orange flags.

“We also understand that the FIA ​​president has reconsidered the use of the black and orange flag.”

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