February 27, 2024
Patrick de Paula, from Palmeiras, agrees to Botafogo's offer and Laila's endorsement separates the recruitment

Patrick de Paula, from Palmeiras, agrees to Botafogo’s offer and Laila’s endorsement separates the recruitment

a Botafogo Take another step to hire Patrick de Paula. The steering wheel accepted Alvinegro’s proposal and now the work is based exclusively on Palm trees to a happy ending.

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Patrick, who lost space with Abel Ferreira, would love a project to be the protagonist in Glorioso and perhaps have a space in the team that Luis Castro will manage. The player and the staff nodded positively at the suggestion. The outcome depends on the approval of Palmeiras president Leila Pereira.

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The Carioca club has waved a €6m proposal (R$33.7m, at the current price) to acquire 50% of Patrick de Paula’s economic rights – and the rest of the “tranche” will continue with Verdau.

A meeting between Botafogo and Palmeiras representatives will take place on Wednesday with the aim of concluding the deal. Alfinegro’s idea is for the 22-year-old to actually be in the Brazilian Championship.

thing! It was discovered that Alfinegro’s interest was announced after Patrick was placed on the list of tradable players who would be assigned to Flamengo’s rival in the dream of hiring striker Pedro. With the “negotiable” designation given by Verdão’s board of directors, representatives of the carioca club sought out director of football Anderson Barros, who has a crossing on the team, to try to appoint him.

The departure of the steering wheel was expected. He returned to training on Monday after recovering from a left ankle sprain, and the No. 5 shirt lost space at Palmeiras. Carioca revealed at the Taça das Favelas, the traditional amateur tournament in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), that he has been left out of the list of entries for the Club World Cup and Recopa Sudamericana.

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The deal proposed by Glorioso meets the expectations of Leila’s management, in the end, Palmeiras will continue with a percentage of the player and win in the event of a future negotiation. Patrick renewed his contract until 2025 earlier this year and his value is estimated at 16 million euros (about 90 million Brazilian reais), according to specialized websites.

In all, Patrick made 103 appearances for Alverde and scored nine goals since being promoted from the youth categories by Vanderlei Luxembourgo, in 2020. However, the tournament with the former coach ended with the arrival of Abel Ferreira. The Portuguese has always maintained that he saw a lack of commitment not only in his No. 5 shirt, but also in Gabriel Menino, who was promoted from the base and who was even called up to the Brazilian national team.

During the pandemic and the rules of sanitary isolation, fans caught Patrick in a nightclub, and he was removed from the main team for about a month.

On the way back, the number 5 jersey did well in the Copa Libertadores, but this year Abel made clear his opinion on the commitment of some of the athletes on the team.

– Young people can understand that there must be less fun and more seriousness, and realize that in every match they are evaluated: the coaches, the players – said the Portuguese, after the draw with Sao Bernardo in favor of Paulistao, when he used an alternative lineup.