March 23, 2023
Paulsonaro leaves for the United States this Sunday for the 76th UN General Assembly  Policy

Paulsonaro leaves for the United States this Sunday for the 76th UN General Assembly Policy

President Jair Bolzano Boards from this Sunday (19) Nova York, Where he will again address the United Nations General Assembly in person (He-she-it) This is Bolzano’s third speech at the event since taking office in 2019.

The start of the public debate between the heads of state and the government is scheduled for next Tuesday (21). In 1985 and 1984, from the 10th General Assembly, in 1955, the President of Brazil did not speak on two occasions.

In 2020, the Assembly Carried out in a virtual environment due to Govt infection. For the first time in 75 years, instead of meeting in a single meeting, world leaders uploaded recorded videos aired during the meeting.

This time, the UN Hybrid form For the 76th edition of the General Assembly. Personal reports and others will be recorded — Bolzano wanted to travel to New York.

The need for nations’ response to the epidemic and the need to protect the environment should be on the agenda of this year’s keynote speeches.

The official theme of the event, published by the United Nations: “Building Flexibility through Hope – Recovering from Govt-19, Rebuilding Stability, Responding to the Needs of the Planet, Respecting the Rights of the People and Reviving the United Nations”.

See below for information on a recent World Meteorological Organization-issued warning on climate change:

The UN World Meteorological Organization says the epidemic has not slowed down climate change

President Jair Bolsanaro’s speech is one of epidemiology and the environment to deal with. In a live broadcast on social media, this Thursday (16), Bolzano said that “Covit-19 is an object that still exists around the world today.”

The president said he would hold bilateral meetings in the United States with the participation of the Minister of Health. Marcelo Guerrero, Would be “very important”.

“I’m going to give the opening speech. A quiet talk, very purposeful, focusing on the points that interest us. It’s a good position for that too, and it serves as a position. We are going to objectively show agribusiness and energy, ”the president said in a broadcast.

Regarding the environment, Polsonaro said he would use the text to prove against the study. “Period” for defining native lands.

Federal Supreme Court (STF) Determine if the criterion is valid It delimits only the lands occupied by the tribal people on the date of promulgation of the Constitution on October 5, 1988.

“What do I mean? Something in that line. If the timeline is reversed, we have to define new native areas,” […] This will have a direct impact on products produced in rural areas, rural areas, agriculture and livestock. Production will fall sharply, ”the president announced.

According to Bolzano, the president says the reversal of the deadline will push up food prices because global demand for food is on the rise. According to Polsonaro, the president says changing the timeline will increase the number of inland lands demarcated, which will reduce agricultural production.

“We expect the Supreme Court to maintain this time frame in 1988, for the good of Brazil and for the good of the world. The people here are pushing for a new deadline in Brazil, another area parallel to Germany and Spain.

In addition to the Minister of Health, there should be a Brazilian committee:

  • Carlos Alberto France, Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • Anderson TorresMinister of Justice and Public Security;
  • Paulo Gates, Minister of Economy;
  • Joaquim Light, Minister of Environment;
  • Gilson Machado, Minister of Tourism;
  • Luis Eduardo Ramos, Chief of the Presidential Secretariat;
  • Augusto Heleno, Chief of the Office of the Presidential Institutional Security;
  • Eduardo Bolzano, Congressman;
  • Flavio Rocha, Special Secretary to the President for Strategic Affairs;
  • Nestor Forster, Brazilian Ambassador to the United States;
  • Ronaldo Costa Filho, Brazil’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations;
  • Pedro Guimaraes, Caixa Econômica Federal President;
  • Michael Bolzano, First lady;
  • Rodrigo de Pittencourt Mudrovich, special guest;
  • Paulo Angelo Ligio Mato, translator;
  • Claudia Chavez, artist; e
  • Rachel Alves Besera, translator.

Previous participation

President Bolzano Screened in 2019 at the UN General Assembly. He Talked about themes Defending the Amazon, Sovereignty, Socialism, Foreign Policy, Indigenous Population, Mercosur and Economic Situation.

At the event, Bolzano said there was a “firm commitment” to protecting the environment and accused foreign leaders of undermining Brazil’s sovereignty. Evidence that “almost untouched” Amazon Brazil is “one of the most environmentally friendly countries”.

Remember in the video below:

Bolzano began the UN General Assembly with a speech that was considered aggressive

Bolzano began the UN General Assembly with a speech that was considered aggressive

In 2020, Bolzano said Brazil is said to be the “victim” of a “brutal” misinformation campaign about Amazon and Pantanal.

The President added Brazil has “best legislation” in the environment The country respects the rules of conservation around the world and nature. Watch the video below:

Bolsanaro addresses the UN Conference on Agricultural Production and Deforestation

Bolsanaro addresses the UN Conference on Agricultural Production and Deforestation

According to him, the wealth of the Amazon provokes criticism that the country is suffering in the ecological area. The president said Brazilian and “non-patriotic” companies are joining international organizations to harm the country.

The President further said:

  • The Amazon forest is moist and catches fire only at the edges;
  • The causes of the burn were ‘Indian’ and ‘Kapoglo’;
  • Venezuela spilled oil off Brazilian coast in 2019, sold uncontrollably and reached the coast after a ‘criminal’ leak;
  • The guidelines for people to stay at home with ‘almost’ epidemics led the country to ‘social chaos’;
  • Brazil is a Christian and conservative country, and ‘Christophobia’ must be fought.