February 25, 2024
CAIXA Announced the Value of the Basic PIS Edition for 2021 for Those Born in January?  see a greater amount will be paid;  How to make PIS withdraw and update PIS TABLE

PIS PASEP 2023 CALENDAR WILL THE BASIC YEAR 2021 PIS SCHEDULE BE REVEALED EARLY BY CAIXA TOMORROW, 11/21? Will greater value be issued to people born in January? Find out how to conduct a PIS withdrawal and a PIS consultation

Who is the subscriber PIS PASEP program For at least 5 years he is entitled to a PIS annually. In 2022, the most anticipated salary bonus is Base year PIS 2021🇧🇷

But, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the salary allowance ended up not being disbursed to the beneficiaries and he already has new expectations.

In this article, find out what the expectations are for a file version PIS 2023 And see PIS 2022 calendar🇧🇷

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PIS 2021; PIS 2022

Although PIS BASE YEAR 2021 has not been issued, two allowances can still be taken in this year 2022.

a PIS 2021 What does it look like Base year 2019 it’s the PIS 2022🇧🇷 What does it look like Base year 2020Available until December.

Additionally, both of them were released in 2022. However, PIS 2022 follows the payment schedule. But, PIS 2021 must be requested from the Department of Labor.

scan the PIS 2022 calendar less.

PIS 2022 calendar

Reproduction / Social Security
PIS 2022 Value – Reproduction / Social Security

Below, see the latest news from the PIS 2021 base year.

How to consult my PIS Consulting

See step by step how to implement your own PIS query below.

  • At first, access the My INSS portal;
  • When the page loads, click on the “Entrar com GOV.BR” option;
  • Next, enter your CPF number and MY INSS password to access your account;
  • After reaching the portal, select the “My Registration” option located in the upper left corner;
  • On the next page, all your registration data will be there. Additionally, it is possible to locate your PIS/NIT

PIS 2023 changes; Basic PIS value in 2021

Pay Base year PIS 2021 It is fully expected by the recipients. With this, many also seek to know its value.

If issued in 2023, the PIS may have a higher value, because the PIS schedule follows the annual minimum wage, which will therefore increase in 2023.

PIS 2023 schedule

  • one month – 108.50 Brazilian reals
  • 2 months – 217.00 Brazilian real
  • 3 months – R$325.50
  • 4 months – R$434.00
  • 5 months – R$ 542.50
  • 6 months – R$ 651.00
  • 7 months – R$759.50
  • 8 months – R$ 868.00
  • 9 months – R$ 976.50
  • 10 months – R$ 1,085.00
  • 11 months – R$ 1,193.50
  • 12 months – R$ 1,302.00

PIS PASEP 2023 Anticipation; Will CAIXA take over in 2021? Will those born in January get PIS in 2022?

So far, the answer is no! There is no confirmation that the file PIS 2023 will be was expected🇧🇷 As a result, workers should receive the allowance only for the next year.

However, it is worth emphasizing that the expected release of Base year PIS 2021 It is for the year 2023. However, there is still no exact date nor confirmation of the fact.

Who is the right holder for PIS 2023?

See the rules below to find out PIS 2023🇧🇷 Workers need:

  • be registered with PIS/PASEP for at least five years;
  • receive an average monthly wage amounting to a minimum wage during the base year;
  • carried out a remunerated activity for a legal entity, for a period of at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year for which it is being computed;
  • Ask your employer (legal entity) to correctly report your details in the RAIS / eSocial Annual List of Social Information.

Where to pull the PIS off

It is worth emphasizing that PIS 2023 withdrawal still unattainable. However, it is worth remembering that the PIS 2021 it’s the PIS 2022 Withdrawals can be made through the following sites:

  • ATM machines.
  • lottery houses and CAIXA Aqui correspondents, using the social card and password;
  • CAIXA affiliates, provide an official identification document and PIS number.


PIS; PIS Calendar; PIS Base Year PIS Schedule 2021; PIS 2022; PIS 2021; PIS 2023 – Image: Reproduction
Reproduction / Social Security

PIS 2022 Value – Photo: Reproduction/Social Security