June 13, 2024

Pro Farmer predicts US corn and soybean crops above USDA forecasts – Money Times

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They have strong crops east of the corn belt, “said Brian Creed, author of Pro Farmer (Image: Pixby / MSPhotos)

For Farmer, a section of the farm press media, Rated Vintages Corn e Soy From United States Above the most recent prediction US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Producing states in the east also compensate for the drought in the west.

After a technological journey to the first seven producing states, Pro Farmer predicts that farmers will harvest 15.116 billion bushels of maize, with an average yield of 177 bushels per acre and 4.436 billion bushels of soybeans. Yields average 51.2 bushels per acre.

“They have strong crops east of the corn belt,” said Brian Creed, author of Pro Farmer. “We have record yields on maize and soybean crops. We think there are enough shrubs.”

Pro Farmer noted that many states, including Illinois, Indiana and Nebraska, need late monsoon rains to meet production forecasts.

Less-than-expected production from the United States, the world’s largest corn producer and second largest soybean producer, will raise concerns of tight global supply and rising food inflation.

The USDA last week lowered the national forecast for soybean and maize crops to 4.339 billion bushels and 14.750 billion bushels, respectively, mainly due to drought in large plains areas.

The pro farmer uses a “crop tour” to report their estimates. This trip did not explore parts of North Dakota and South Dakota.

Climate experts say South Dakota has had the worst drought since 2013, while North Dakota has had the worst drought since 1988.

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