June 18, 2024

Putin seeks to reverse the war game and impose sanctions on Joe Biden

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Russian sanctions have also hit Hillary Clinton and the Pentagon chief

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247, with information from RT Russia on Tuesday added US President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Tony Blingen, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and ten other top US officials to the list.

The list includes veterans General Mark Millie, National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan, CIA Director William Burns and White House spokesman Jen Sackie. The move also attacked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Biden’s son Hunter, whose relationship with the Ukrainian energy company has already been questioned and criticized.

In addition to US officials, sanctions have been imposed on Canadian officials, including the Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau, Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie, Defense Minister Anita Anand and 300 Canadian parliamentarians have been killed, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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Adding to the list vetoes the entry of any of these individuals into the Russian Federation. However, the Kremlin statement said that Moscow would not refuse to contact US officials “if it served our national interests.”

Moscow said it was a reciprocal move after Washington added top Russian leaders, including President Vladimir Putin, to its sanctions list.

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