June 13, 2024

Retirement and minimum wage may exceed R$1,300 in 2023

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Retirement and minimum wage may exceed R$1,300 in 2023

The Brazilian worker ended up completely dissatisfied with the values ​​recently issued by the government indicating the new pay minimum. Most of the dissatisfaction is due to the fact that inflation is high and does not appear to be declining anytime soon.

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Thus, the new values ​​do not make much difference to the purchasing power of Brazilians. In fact, with this increase came up problemIncome tax (IR).

As the salary increases, but no update has been made in the IR schedule, people earning minimum wages will start paying tax. Since the table has not been adjusted for many years, it does not take into account the current rise in inflation. This is precisely the reason for this evil that has already taken many people to sleep.

In terms of IR, we know that can still change, but only if the government actually updates the schedule. In the meantime, the worker could be a little more optimistic with the prospect of an increase in the minimum wage as well as retirement in the face of this adjustment.

The present value of the minimum wage is R$1,212. The expected amount so far for next year is R$1,294. Thus, the adjustment is a little more than 6%. As a result, the number was lower than inflation expectations.

That’s because 2022 is expected to end at 7.67%. If the minimum wage modified To meet this value, the new salary must be changed by 7.67%.

But it does not end there, as inflation continues to rise and can surprise everyone. It is believed that accumulated 12 months will be 11.89%. As a result, the minimum wage should be higher.

Given these numbers, the minimum wage should be R$1,356.10, a value that remains far from the current reality and also far from any realistic expectation.

All this also applies to retirees, since they also follow the minimum wage figures. In this way, it is expected – no matter what happens – that the salary will eventually become less than inflation.

The new patch should happen, which will be small satisfaction For workers and pensioners, but that won’t save Brazilians from having to fight inflation for another year.

It is worth noting that Brazil has experienced the worst inflation in the last 26 years. Today we are the fourth country with the highest inflation rate in the world GlobalismAfter Russia (17.1%), Argentina (58%) and Turkey (73.5%).

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