July 21, 2024

Rodrygo’s team defends Anita’s brother

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Rodrygo's team defends Anita's brother
Rodrygo's team defends Anita's brother

Rodrigo on the second wall of “BBB 22 inch (TV Globo), According to the partial UOL poll, he received the most votes to leave home on Tuesday. In addition to Not getting support from the official profiles of booking colleaguesThe brother also received criticism from the singer Anita, which – which She appeared in favor of his elimination in a series of posts on social media.

Singer summoned The moment the commercial director used the word “traveco” to speak to Linn da Quebrada. The participant’s official profile, however, came to his defense and Anita replied, saying that Rodrygo had received an “unfortunate letter” and that the team had the role of teaching him when he was released from confinement.

Before criticizing Rodrygo, it is worth remembering that on the first day of reality Anita She said she loved her brother and asked him not to disappoint her. It doesn’t seem to work, right?

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