February 26, 2024
Cientistas fazem descoberta IMPRESSIONANTE sobre o centro da Terra

Scientists make a wonderful discovery about the center of the Earth

Scientists working at Northwestern University in the US have provided evidence of a huge amount of groundwater. This reservoir is trapped in a cavity composed of rock under high pressure called Ringwood. With this discovery, researchers hope to explain how the oceans formed on our planet.

Scientists make a wonderful discovery about the center of the Earth
The center of the Earth has a hidden element – Image: Propaganda

A huge ocean at a depth of 640 km below the surface of the earth

Anyway, that’s what the research team believes, after discovering this ocean. Scientists also hope that this will allow them to better understand the water cycle on Earth, but also how tectonic plates transport water between the surface and this reservoir.

This mysterious reservoir is actually hidden in the heart of a blue rock known as Ringwood, at a depth of 700 km in the Earth’s mantle, that is, the layer of hot rock located between the Earth’s surface and its core. The impressive size of the reservoir, which is three times the size of the planet’s oceans, may allow us to learn more about the origin of water on Earth.

But this finding lends credence to another theory that the oceans gradually leaked out of the Earth’s interior. This is concrete evidence that the water on Earth came from within. According to scientists, these hidden waters can also serve to preserve the oceans, keeping in touch with them in some way.

This would explain why it has barely changed in size for millions of years. The path of seismic waves reveals the presence of water. Stephen Jacobsen’s team has used at least 2,000 seismographs across the United States to study the seismic waves generated by more than 500 earthquakes. These waves move inside the Earth, including the core. However, it can be detected on a large scale on the surface.

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What if Earth’s water came from a giant underground tank?

After an earthquake, the waves make the earth ring like a bell for several days. However, by measuring the speed of these waves, as a function of depth, the researchers were able to determine what type of rock they passed through. And so the water tank revealed itself, as the waves slowed as they passed over the wet rocks.

Namely: You have already determined what will happen if Ringwoodets They contain water to interfere with seismic waves. To this end, they have developed Ringwoodets Synthetic materials were made in his lab before being subjected to high pressures and temperatures similar to those found in the mantle at a depth of 700 km.

As a result, scientists soon found signs Ringwoodets In the transition zone between the upper mantle and the lower mantle. At this depth, the pressure and temperature are high enough to extract water from the rocks. In conclusion, it is a layer of rock with water along the grooves between the grains, as if sweating.

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