February 29, 2024
See matches, dates and times

See matches, dates and times

The Portugal defeat SwitzerlandToday, 6, 6 to 1, determined all eight teams seeded for the Quarterfinals Qatar World Cup🇧🇷 Matches will be: Netherlands vs Argentina. Croatia v. Brazil; France vs England Morocco and Portugal🇧🇷

with Cristiano Ronaldo Off the bench for most of the game, Portugal was an inspiration for Gonzalo Ramos Smash the Swiss and advance in the competition🇧🇷 The Portuguese will face the choice of Morocco, which Spain is eliminated on penaltiesSaturday (10) at 12 (Brasilia time) at Al Thumama Stadium.

The winner of this confrontation will face France or England, who will also face each other on Saturday (10), but at 4 pm (Brasilia time), at the home stadium. The French knocked out Poland in the round of 16 3 to 1 victoryWhile the British Hit Senegal selection by 3 to 0.

On the other side of the switch, there is a coil Brazilian national team He faces Croatia on Friday (9), at 12:00 (Brasilia time), at Cidade da Iducacao, in the quarter-finals. Brazil qualified yet 4-1 win about South Korea; Already Croatia beat Japan on penalties After a 1-1 tie in regulation time.

Finally, Argentina and the Netherlands will compete for a place in the semi-finals also on Friday (9), but at 4 pm (Brasilia time), in Lucille Iconic. The Argentines eliminated Australia 2-1 win Last Saturday, where the Dutch beat the United States 3 to 1 ratio🇧🇷

See quarter-final dates and times:

  • Croatia x Brazil – 9/12 (Friday), 12:00 (from Brasilia).
  • Netherlands x Argentina – 9/12 (Friday), 16:00 (from Brasilia)
  • France x England – 10/12 (Saturday), 12 noon (from Brasilia).
  • Morocco x Portugal – 10/12 (Saturday), 4pm (from Brasilia)

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