February 6, 2023
See what Deolane said when the bell rang to leave

See what Deolane said when the bell rang to leave

during the Sunday editionfarm 2022” (RecordTV), the moment Dyolane Bezerra received the information that her mother had been taken to the hospital was shown to viewers Soon after, he went to the outdoor area and rang the “famous” bell.

“Then Deulan went into the workshop and rang the bell,” the presenter recounted.

There, the lawyer stood in front of the camera and made her withdrawal official: “Good evening, my people. I came here to inform you that I have received medical information on my mother, and I am giving up the game. There was also a lot of commotion that night, a lot of fireworks, I don’t know what.” It happens out there and I don’t want to exchange my peace for money.

Once she left the officer’s area, the now former worker was removed from the program headquarters.

Adriane Galisteu commented on the episode Deolane relayed: “These fireworks, both of them, Deolane, As other walkers have commented, they were trying to communicate of friends and family with her.”

Saturday evening, Several people went to Itaperica da Serra to demand that Deolane be removed from the game🇧🇷

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