June 24, 2024

Senate General Chuck Schumer apologizes for using offensive language to describe children with intellectual disabilities

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Responding to a question during a virtual podcast with Onnicha about what Congress is doing to combat the increased homelessness caused by the corona virus epidemic, the New York Democrats used the term to discuss the need for financial and mental assistance to provide affordable housing.

“When I was first a legislator, they wanted to create a church living space for underprivileged children,” he said Sunday, describing opposition to attempts to build homes for the homeless. “The whole neighborhood was against it. These were harmless children, they needed some help. We were done with it and it took a while.”

Schumacher’s spokesman CNN said in a statement that the New York Democrats were “really sorry” for using outdated and offensive language.

“For decades, Sen. Schumacher has been an ardent champion in providing full funding for enlightened policy and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” a spokesman said Wednesday. “He used the word inappropriate and outdated in his description of an AHRC-led support for building a group home in his Brooklyn district decades ago to provide housing and services for children with developmental disabilities.”

American Psychological Association publishes the Handbook of Diagnosis and Statistics of Mental Disorders American Society for Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities, Stopped Uses the word “mental disability” due to the stigma around it, instead of the word “intellectual disability”.
The American Arch, an organization that advocates for the intellectually and developmentally handicapped Says It dropped “regression” from variations of its name because the word became “bad, disgusting, and disgusting in use.” AHRC, formerly known as the Association for the Help of the Lazy Children, dropped the word from its name, but still uses its abbreviation. Website.

Schumacher’s comments were criticized on social media and by the GOP, including the Republican Party of New York.

“Shame on enSenSchumer for using derogatory, offensive language to refer to disabled children” Wrote On Twitter.

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