February 2, 2023

Sharp, Pedro Scobbie does not receive criticism from Luana Piovanni in silence and unveils: “No more”


The surfer shared his ex-wife’s beating record and proof that he monitors his children’s cell phones

Photos: Instagram / Pedro Scooby (left) - Instagram / Luana Piovani (right)
Photos: Instagram / Pedro Scooby (left) – Instagram / Luana Piovani (right)

Peter Scobie It seems that he does not like the criticism he has received Luana Piovanihis ex-wife. surfer in Instagram, he posted a screenshot to prove that he monitors his kids’ cellphones. The controversy started after the actress blasted her ex-brother for not giving her the password to the devices: “Feeling ashamed” in public squares “doesn’t want Leonine”He said.

“no more”he wrote Scoobyby detecting print. Piovani replied: “She will never check or care about the content you show. But she really is a thing. I also took the opportunity to warn CynthiaThe current wife of the athlete: “When I found out about their (post-pregnancy surgeries) situation, I couldn’t believe they still wanted three kids at home, but that was their choice.”.

“I texted at 7am wanting news. Has anyone answered? Sure. Consideration for me just wasn’t there. I called to talk to the kids, he didn’t even turn down the TV. I had to ask them to change rooms or come down.” I say something quite apt, softly, I hear the first kick: “Do you want to rule my house?”success.

The climate between the former spouses, once peaceful, became “heavy” after the public fight. Scooby He has not yet shown himself and is focused on the birth of his first daughter CynthiaAnd the Aurora: “People are worried, they keep sending messages. Well, Aurora had surgery yesterday, when I was born and today I had another surgery. It’s a delicate moment in my life.”.