April 13, 2024
The record was disturbed by the first call from BBB 23 for being a “copy” of A Casa;  Compare TV News

The record was disturbed by the first call from BBB 23 for being a “copy” of A Casa; Compare TV News

First call for BBB 23, Globo broadcast it on Tuesday night (27), already causing controversy among the two largest broadcasters in Brazil. Record sees similarities between the campaign starring Tadeu Schmidt and the concept designed to launch the reality show A Casa, Produced in 2017 which launched Marcus Mion as the presenter of the genreWhich made him considered the president of A Fazenda in 2018.

On the call, Schmidt appears as a realtor who takes a call and is trying to sell an ordinary house. However, such a house would have the same characteristics as the palace in which the Big Brother prisoners would reside. Every luxury is highlighted, but so are its problems.

“Seasonal home? We have it of course. With a full entertaining area. Has a pool, gym, porch, you’ll love it. Would you mind sharing the house with other people? One more thing, one more thing: every Monday – a gallery has a condominium meeting.” Do you mind?” Schmidt says on the call.

In 2017, Mion did something similar, but as a home seller and trying to get the public interested in watching a new format. In the promotional clip, he indicated that the venue could seat four people, but would seat 100 participants—the main feature of the casa format.

“Oops! Are you thinking of moving? So don’t make a deal before you get to know A Casa! Prime location, access to main roads. It says here it has to be confined, is that right? That’s right! Four, but they’ll get a hundred. Million reais At stake, easy entry. Don’t stay out the door,” Myon said on the call.

Wanted by the newsRecord confirmed that he saw similarities in A Casa’s invitation in relation to what Globo has now done. The company still does not know what it will do or if it will take any action against its competitor.

Casa had a short life on television: just one season in 2017 and that was a ratings failure. However, Mayon was acclaimed and promoted to A Fazenda presenter in 2018, where he stayed until 2021, before going to Globo.

In the next edition of the most watched reality show in Brazil, Globo decided to make 100 days official It will start operating on January 16. In doing so, the winning program will know on April 25th, that is, Tuesday. Tadeo Schmidt will remain in office. The figure will continue with Camarot dispute, With famous guests, against popcorn, with unknowns.

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