March 1, 2024

Shoeface saved his stakes to gain the Joker’s power

In the BBB 23 (globe), shoe face I saved bets for two weeks and won the Power of the Joker of the Week on Friday (27).

He was the player with the most bets in the game and managed to buy the Joker by giving 10 stakes more than MCguime.

Since Sapato is already the leader of the week, he also has the right to nominate someone for the Paredão.

Today’s version showed that the athlete was “collecting” fictitious money to gain power.

Allowance power per week

You have the power to save someone from Paredão, which happens next Sunday (28).

A trump card allows one of the immunized brothers to veto, except as indicated by the leader – the fighter himself.

That is, Cara de Sapato will be able to remove one of the brothers from Paredão, and put another participant directly in the spotlight.

opinion divided. Sabato’s game was well received by some, but raised doubts by others:

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