June 13, 2024

SNL tackles masks for those who have been vaccinated in a ridiculous scene

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Kate McKinnon – Dr. Anthony Fossie – opened this weekend with absurd everyday footage that sought to answer questions surrounding the latest federal guidelines on mask requirements for fully vaccinated people.

“This is your boy, the patron saint of the Pural,” McKinnon’s Fossie opened.

“A lot of people had questions, namely: What does this mean? What are you talking about? Is this a trap?” Said McKinnon’s Fossie. “To clear things up, I met a few doctors who were in the minority in the theater at CDC and asked them to re-execute various scenes to demonstrate proper mask behavior.”

The first scene, “The man enters a bar”, is like a woman welcoming a masked man to a bar, and the person asks if he should wear a mask.

“You really aren’t,” the woman replies, and the man begins to take off his mask. “Well, until you get vaccinated,” the woman continues.

The man says he was not vaccinated and the woman tells him he is “bad”.

“Okay,” he says, “I’m going to a bar at 11am. Did you really think I’m a wax because it’s with you?”

“You’re right. I deserve to be coveted,” he says.

“I’m not, if it’s the right trip,” McKinnon’s Fossie replied.

McKinnon’s Fossie later insisted that people should be honest and respectful about their vaccine status.

& quot;  SNL & quot;  Dr. Kate McKinnon plays Dr. Anthony Fuccia

In scenes of how something goes wrong, a businessman on a plane demands another drink from an air attendant, two people dining out on a first date, and two subway passengers, all of which eventually turn into misbehavior.

According to leading workers, another scene showed a customer walking into a store and a clerk asked them to wear a mask.

“But I don’t need a mask. I’m gay,” says the client.

“I’m a friendly country. Come on in. The first hot dog is on me,” the clerk replied.

McKinnon’s Fossy later said, “No, how can this not work!”

The Saturday episode was hosted by comedian Keegan-Michael Kee with music guest Olivia Rodrigo.

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